PARRAMATTA is a brand founded in 1920.

The horse in the 20s was a symbol of strength, courage and authority as well as the red color of the bandana used as the face of the horse itself.

Just think of the symbolic use of this animal and this color by: all the Royal Houses, as well as by the aviator Francesco Baracca from whom the same symbol of the Ferrari is drawn or to the symbol of the city of Stuttgart then reworked by Porsche .

The founder of the brand loved horses and horse races so much that he possessed a beautiful and capricious one that seemed crazy and hence his name PARRAMATTA.

Attending the most famous English racetracks from Ascot to Goodwood, from Newbury to Windsor one day, near Bradford he met a cashmere knitwear manufacturer who managed to pass on his passion for this wonderful yarn that combined with the taste for beauty led him to found a brand that produced cashmere sweaters and unique things in style and quality.

Carrying on this dream even after almost one hundred years is only possible out of passion.

Passion that today, under the logo of the PARRAMATTA mare, continues to please and excite.

PARRAMATTA is a brand that guarantees a knitwear production made with particularly fine yarns, in step with fashion trends but always refined and elegant because inspired by a tradition of craftsmanship and quality.

Besides the best wools and the purest cashmere besides the exclusive cottons and linen, PARRAMATTA also produces a limited series in 100% camel yarn: a precious but rare fiber that is able to protect from heat and cold with a very high water repellent capacity.

Owning a PARRAMATTA garment is not being fashionable but simply trying to be yourself.

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