YAK: what is it about?

The Yak is a mammoth bovine with an exuberant coat, adapted to survive the harsh climates of the high mountains.

The Yak lives up to 6,000 meters above sea level between Mongolia, the Tibetan plateau, the Pamir and the foothills of the Himalayas.

Yak specimens that reside at high altitudes develop very thick fur, so long that it often skims the ground.

Their coat is characterized by long hairs on the back and a thick and soft down underneath. The livery varies from black to dark brown with lighter and sometimes whitish shades near the muzzle. Adult males reach 800 kg in weight, have long and powerful horns, and sport a brown or dark coat; the adult females weigh around 300 kg, are equipped with minute horns in harmony with the size, and have a coat similar in color to that of the males. The young, both males and females, are distinguished by the light and not very bristly coat, as well as by the slender and young horns.

The Yaks are protected, guarded and considered sacred by the indigenous peoples.

The shepherds guard the Yaks and use their milk for sustenance and their fur for the production of wool, which significantly contributes to supporting the family economy.

At the end of the harsh winters, the yaks are subjected to the annual combing of the coat: from the belly and the lower part of the bovid a soft and precious fleece is obtained, which can be spun down to gauges of 12-16 microns, similar or lower gauges even to cashmere. The precious Yak yarn is among the lightest and softest of animal origin and is, undoubtedly, an excellent ecological and sustainable alternative.

Each adult Yak produces on average less than 1 kg of undercoat per year, while a few hundred grams are obtained from the young. The shepherds also recover the hair lost naturally or caught in the bushes.

The value, the absolute value of the fiber and the methods of collecting the hair, which do not cause any damage or torment to the Yak, have enthused us and pushed us to join the Yak to our knitwear collection.

The Yak staple comes directly from its places of origin, more precisely from distant Mongolia, and is carefully spun in Italy.

We have decided to include some items made of YAK in our PARRAMATTA collection simply to offer our customers the experience of an exclusive product in terms of intrinsic content and environmental sustainability. A unicum that does not provide for animal breeding with all that follows from the point of view of respect for the animal and the consequent lack of possibility of production on an industrial scale. The staple (the raw material) is processed when it exists and if it exists. The productions are contingent and limited. The quality also due to the naturalness of the production chain is disconcerting and in some ways superior to cashmere. A niche product with exceptional characteristics intended for a few connoisseurs.

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