Extra fine merinos wool 120’s: what is it?

It is a worsted yarn of pure virgin wool (therefore not recycled from other previous materials) extremely close to the micronage of cashmere. This very fine yarn is the result of the combination of the most modern spinning technologies and the best wool from extremely fine and long, rigorously selected fleeces. Precious peculiarities of the wools we use are the high hygroscopicity and breathability and the exceptional natural comfort.

These come from merino sheep, bred in Australia and New Zealand according to specific eco-sustainable quality standards in respect of animals, promoting biodiversity and free grazing by applying higher levels of animal welfare for wool production. In fact, we have available the certificates for mulesing-free wool (NM) and all the traceability certificates of the wool used by us.

The classification in "super" (= s) indicates the fineness of the fibers, that is their average diameter. The larger the super number, the finer the fiber. The fiber diameter is measured in microns (millionth of a meter, ie there are 1000 microns in a millimeter). Just to get an idea, a human hair measures 50 to 60 microns.

The international organization of wool fabrics (International Wool Textile Organization, known for its "Woolmark" brand) has codified the "supers" according to the following scale.

Quality Maximum fiber diameter

SUPER 80’s 19.75 µm

SUPER 90’s 19.25 µm

SUPER 100’s 18.75 µm

SUPER 110’s 18.25 µm

SUPER 120’s 17.75 µm

SUPER 130’s 17.25 µm

The combed wools we use come from historical Italian producers who work and process them following a centuries-old tradition using cutting-edge technologies able to guarantee the highest quality of the raw material we use to make extremely comfortable and fashionable garments

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