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Turtleneck 100% Cashmere


SIZE S : A= cm 50 / B= cm 64 / C= cm 41 / F= cm 61

SIZE M : A= cm 52 / B= cm 66 / C= cm 42 / F= cm 62

SIZE L : A= cm 54 / B= cm 68 / C= cm 43 / F= cm 63

SIZE XL : A= cm 56 / B= cm 70 / C= cm 44 / F= cm 64

SIZE XXL : A= cm 58 / B= cm 72 / C= cm 45 / F= cm 65

SIZE 3XL : A= cm 60 / B= cm 73,5 / C= cm 46 / F= cm 66


Cashmere is a wool, the most valuable and probably the best known. Famous above all for its softness far superior to all the other wools. Technically, in reality, it is the superior fineness that makes it recognizable and appreciated for its lightness and its ability to keep warm even in situations of intense cold.

The fineness of the wools is measured in microns (1 micron = 1 thousandth of a millimeter) and cashmere wools generally range from 14 to 15 microns, therefore from 5 to 10 times thinner than a human hair, and in any case much thinner than normal wools of excellent quality which generally have a micronage equal to or greater than 24.

The difference with all the wools, even those of quality, is however at the origin: in fact cashmere is obtained by combing the animal and not by shearing (cutting the hair) as for all other wools.

The combing takes place in spring, when a particular type of goats of the "Hircus" species, due to the rise in temperatures, change moult. This species of goats produces two coats to defend itself from the harsh winter temperatures: a rough and thick upper fleece, called giarre and a lower fleece, the soft, soft duvet made of a thick layer of fibers.

Cashmere wool is obtained by combing the lower fleece: the DUVET.

Each goat supplies a maximum of 180 to 400 grams of wool per year.

The area of ​​Inner Mongolia (China) and External Mongolia (Mongolia) are the areas of production of the highest quality of cashmere. And from this area, whose climatic conditions are extremely rigid, comes the cashmere used by us.


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100% Cashmere
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